Living and working in Paris, Baptist Penetticobra studied at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, where he majored in Video and photography. His graduation film Entertainment Capital of the World (2014) was featured in several film festival and won a special award delivered by the french cultural magazine "les inRocks". He then co-directed with Naia Lassus The Game of Life (2015) a coming of age series about a group of teenagers hanging out at a local Rec-centrer. His latest film, For Real tho (2016), was shot at le Centre Pompidou, the famous modern art museum in Paris and shows a bunch of young people gathering on a parking lot at night to shoot a film. It premiered at le Centre Pompidou in May 2016, went to the Rhode Island film festival as part of the official selection and will be featured at le Palais de Tokyo, a Parisian contemporary art fondation in January 2017.

MUSIC VIDEO x Myth Syzer x Savoir Faire x Bromance x 2016 

SHORT FILM _2016 Hirvi Production x Premiere Heure Palais de Tokyo_2017 x Centre Pompidou, Hors Piste _2016 Clermont Ferrand 2017 : mention du jury labo x Chelsea Film Festival, Jury Award x Rhodes Island
The game of life
SHORT FILM_2015 Fipa, Official selection 2016, young video creation